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Pacman in the Office 1.0

Pacman in the Office is a real treat for all Pacman fans
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Pacman in the Office is an arcade game which is a real treat with extra thrill and excitement for all Pacman fans. This makeover of the classic Pacman game includes exciting features and game levels where you need to guide the Pacman around a maze eating all the dots. These dots are depicted in various office-related forms, like printers, mobiles, icons, pages, computers and other stuff. The Pacman is controlled just with the arrow keys, but the game is not as simple as it sounds: you will also find evil and monstrous faces trying to catch you. Each time a monster catches the Pacman, you lose a life. There are 5 lives in the registered version of the game, whereas you get only 3 lives in the trial version. Eating the power pellets in the maze will make the monsters stunned, and you can kill them or acquire some bonuses.

The game has simple graphics and sound, but exciting game play. The registered version includes 15 levels with 5 lives and 7 monsters, and the trial version includes only 5 levels and 3 lives. This game is suitable for all ages and can be played on all popular Windows platforms.

Surendra Keshav
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  • A lot of levels in the registered version
  • Suitable for all ages


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